What's a Trial-Hire?

Trial-Hire is the fastest way to get a new candidate to work in your business, as soon as today.

  • You select a new job applicant (aka. Hussler) for an open position (for now sourced the same way as the past... more to come on this soon)
  • Setup a new trial-hire via Trial-Hire by Hussle for your chosen applicant.
  • Go to work. Find out if you have Company-Worker Fit.

But how am I going to pay them?

Hussle handles payroll processing. Simply enter your company credit card. Hussle will charge your card and send the Hussler's pay.

But what about worker injury insurance?

We've got you covered. Trial-Hire by Hussle covers a potential hire (aka. Hussler) during the trial hire through WSIB just like your regular employees.

But what if they don't show up after 3 days?

Well that sucks, but at least with Trial-Hire by Hussle you haven't wasted any extra time inputting them in your systems or setting up payroll.

Truth is, almost half of hiring decision don't work out, the trouble is we don't know which half.

And most don't work not because of talent but because of personality. Your business has a personality and your trial-hire candidate has a personality. Sometimes those two personalities just don't fit together. Best for both company and worker to continue their respective searches to find their Company-Worker Fit.

Are you wondering, Why should I Trial-Hire?

Trial-Hire your next Employee for your Service Business.

No Paperwork, No Filings, No Hassle with Trial-Hire by Hussle.

Currently Available in Ontario.