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With Trial-Hire by Hussle you can trial your candidates for your company. While we take care of the administrative tasks like workers compensation insurance and payroll...

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Find Talent - Work Together - Hire the Perfect Fit

As a business ourselves, we know how important it is to find the right person at the right time. That's why we've developed software that optimizes your hiring processes from day one.

No More Paperwork

The time you waste setting up timekeeping, payroll, and workers' compensation is time you could have your new candidate working an on the job trial. Get started in minutes and let us track hours, handle payroll, and handle insurance until the Trial-Hire is finished.

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No More Mismatches, find Company-Worker Fit.

When you have a new employee, you can tell immediately if they are bad Company-Worker Fit. It's awkward, you don't want to let the person you've invested a lot of time in hiring go, and they usually don't want to look like a quitter right away. With Trial-Hire, we make it easy for both the company and the candidate to work together before they fully commit, and it's easy to part ways if there's a mismatch.

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Trial More Candidates on the Job.

Sometimes your next great hire may not be the best candidate on paper. So many times the best addition to our team was someone we gave a chance. Take a few more chances and find the next great candidate for your company.

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When you take the smart approach to hiring new talent you can get more done thanks to a team that works in perfect harmony. Just what you need to hear when you want to hustle without the hassle.

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